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Deciding to be a therapist was an easy decision for me. It just felt right. What I learned on my journey becoming a therapist was humbling and ground shaking: I need to do my work in order to the therapist I wanted to be. This process changed me and I felt the power of this work. I had always believed in our innate ability to heal and believed in the resiliency of the human spirit, however, it came alive in a whole new way through my own journey in therapy. 

Since then I have continued to be intrigued by the human experience and our unyielding desire to understand ourselves, find meaning in life, and connection with others. I am both honored and humbled to be given the opportunity to witness with my clients and stand with them as they experience their own power through vulnerability and healing. The journey towards having more of yourself is full of potential, light, and healing. On this journey, I continue to be in awe of my clients and am endlessly grateful to be able to bear witness to such powerful personal changes.  

On a personal note, I love being outdoors and connecting deeply with others, and spending time with my animals. I enjoy challenging myself physically and mentally through yoga, meditation, and many different sporting. Additionally, I enjoy exploring new places and traveling to new cultures and being a student.

I am also a certified 200-hour yoga instructor. Holding a holistic framework for my practice means combining both traditional, evidenced-based therapeutic practices with more creative Eastern-minded approaches. I believe the experience of suffering can be the road map to healing, which comes from having a body, mind, and spirit connection. Suffering is often our first sign of needing help and provides many clues on how to heal. From this angle, I explore with my clients ways to align with their inner healer to hear the message suffering has for them. 

I use a relational approach to therapy, believing our connection to others is key for a healthy experience. Relationships throughout our lives, both positive and negative, help create the template from which we learn to operate. By cultivating a collaborative, warm, and accepting therapeutic relationship, clients become empowered to take this template out of the office and into their personal lives.

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